Juniper QFabric and Other Technology Making Its Presence Known Around the World

Billed as the foundation of abstracts centers for the next decade, Juniper QFabric is active up to that affirmation in big way with new presences bustling up all beyond the globe. What makes Juniper QFabric such approved technology about the world? It is its adeptness to accommodate advance scale, speed, accumulation and artlessness to ability the billow accretion era, area accretion and accumulator accommodation as a account is delivered to a amalgamate association of end recipients, the Academic Room explains.

More succinctly, as Wikipedia credibility out, “Cloud accretion entrusts casework with a user’s data, software and ciphering over a network.” And added and added more that blazon of bureaucracy and anatomy is getting active everywhere… from Arctic America to Asia, and everywhere in between.

But authoritative billow accretion appear seamlessly requires a solid abstracts centermost fabric, and Juniper QFabric just happens to be the world’s aboriginal accurate one. What are the qualities that set Juniper QFabric afar from the competition?

  • Its architectonics is up to 10 times faster.
  • It uses 77 percent beneath power.
  • It requires 27 percent beneath networking devices.
  • It occupies 90 percent beneath abstracts centermost attic space.
  • It delivers a nine-fold abridgement in operating assets over the abutting aggressive offering.

It is not hasty again that accessories the apple over are axis to Juniper QFabric and added networking technology from the manufacturer. As a case in point, in May 2012, Juniper Networks appear that the aboriginal Juniper QFabric top-of-rack about-face abstracts centermost would be deployed in the Asia Pacific banking casework sector. In a columnist release, the arrangement innovator fabricated the advertisement “that a carrier-class switching basement based on the [Juniper QFabric] architectonics will be deployed at a new abstracts centermost getting congenital by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx).”

Slated for a 3Q 2012 achievement date, if it opens the HKEx abstracts centermost “will become the aboriginal banking casework chump in Asia to arrange high-performance, ultra-low cessation admission switches based on the Juniper Networks QFabric architecture.”

Southeast Asia, however, isn’t the alone all-around area area Juniper cloud-computing technology is authoritative waves. Later in the aforementioned month, Web Host Industry Review reported, “Canadian Web Hosting Deploys Juniper MX 3D Routers to Handle Billow Growth.” The advertisement went on to adduce a columnist absolution issued by the web host. Therein, “Canadian Web Hosting says it chose Juniper based on the capabilities of the high-performance MX alternation routers that are able of administration altered types of traffic.”

Canadian Web Hosting’s Chief Technology Officer explained the accommodation to go with Juniper in this way: “Our ambition is to accord our barter the best arrangement achievement and all-embracing believability of any host in Canada, and with this deployment, we are advocacy performance, abbreviating cessation and allowance our barter attempt over the near- and long-term.”

It wasn’t the aboriginal time America’s acquaintance to the arctic angry to Juniper technology either. “Last year, Canadian telecommunications provider Bell Canada deployed Juniper’s QFabric architectonics to action abstracts centermost solutions to its managed casework hosting customers.